UEFA EURO 2016 draws to an end with

European Champions 2016

With an exciting performance by both worthy finalists.

UEFA EURO 2016 Group stage uefa Ireland games
What a heroic effort, we enjoyed the hope for a while. How well we were represented by the Ireland squad and fans. ✯ ✯ ✯
What a performance. A great tournament. Always a pleasure to see our supporters do so well and the great efforts of our team.

All Fixtures

(Irish time)
Match day 1
M01Gr-A10-Jun21:00France 2Romania 1Stad de France
M02Gr-A11-Jun15:00Albania 0Switz 1Lens
M03Gr-B11-Jun18:00Wales 2Slovak 1Bordeaux
M04Gr-B11-Jun21:00England 1Russia 1Marseille
M05Gr-D12-Jun15:00Turkey 0Croatia 1Princes, Paris
M06Gr-C12-Jun18:00Poland 1N/Ireland 0Nice
M07Gr-C12-Jun21:00Germany 2Ukraine 0Lille
M08Gr-D13-Jun15:00Spain 1Czech Republic 0Toulouse
M09Gr-E13-Jun18:00Ireland 1Swede 1Stad de 1
M10Gr-E13-Jun21:00Belgium 0Italy 2Lyon
M11Gr-F14-Jun18:00Austria 0Hungary 2Bordeaux
M12Gr-F14-Jun21:00Portugal 1Iceland 1Saint-Etienne
Match day 2
M13Gr-B15-Jun15:00Russia 1Slovakia 2Lille
M14Gr-E15-Jun18:00Romania 1Sweden 1Princes, Paris
M15Gr-A15-Jun21:00France 2Albania 0Marseille
M16Gr-B16-Jun15:00England 2Wales 1Lens
M17Gr-C16-Jun18:00Ukraine 0N/Ireland 2Lyon
M18Gr-C16-Jun21:00Germany 0Poland 0Stad de France
M19Gr-E17-Jun15:00Italy 1Sweden 0Toulouse
M20Gr-D17-Jun18:00Czech Republic 2Croatia 2Saint-Etienne
M21Gr-D17-Jun21:00Spain 3Turkey 0Nice
M22Gr-E18-Jun15:00Belgium 3Ireland 0Bordeaux
M23Gr-F18-Jun18:00Iceland 1Hungary 1Marseille
M24Gr-F18-Jun21:00Portugal 0Austria 0Princes, Paris
Match day 3
M25Gr-A19-Jun20:00Romania 0Albania 1Lyon
M26Gr-A19-Jun20:00Switzerland 0France 0Lille
M27Gr-B20-Jun20:00Slovakia 0England 0Saint-Etienne
M28Gr-B20-Jun20:00Russia 0Wales 3Toulouse
M29Gr-C21-Jun17:00Ukraine 0Poland 1Marseille
M30Gr-C21-Jun17:00N/Ireland 0Germany 1Princes, Paris
M31Gr-D21-Jun20:00Czech Republic 0Turkey 2Lens
M32Gr-D21-Jun20:00Croatia 2Spain 1Bordeaux
M33Gr-F22-Jun17:00Iceland 2Austria 1Stad de France
M34Gr-F22-Jun17:00Hungry 3Portugal 3Lyon
M35Gr-E22-Jun20:00Italy 0Ireland 1Lille
M36Gr-E22-Jun20:00Sweden 0Belgium 1Nice
Round of 16
M37 25-Jun14:00A2 - SWI 1C2 - POL 1St Etienne
M38 25-Jun17:00B1 - WAL 1N/Ire 0Princes, Paris
M39 25-Jun20:00D1 - CRO 0Portugal 1Lens
M40 26-Jun14:00A1 - FRA 2Ireland 1Lyon
M41 26-Jun17:00C1 - GER 3Slovakia 0Lille
M42 26-Jun20:00F1 - HUN 0E2 -BEL 3Toulouse
M43 27-Jun17:00E1 -ITI 2D2 - SPA 0Stad de France
M44 27-Jun20:00B2 - ENG 1F2 - ICE 2Nice
Quarter Finals
M45 30-Jun20:00W M37 Poland 1W M39 Portugal 1Marseille
M46 01-Jul20:00W M38 WAL 3W M42 BEL 1Lille
M47 02-Jul20:00W M41 GER 1W M43 ITI 1Bordeaux
M48 03-Jul20:00W M40 FRA 5W M44 ICE 2Stad de France
Semi Finals
M49 06-Jul20:00W M45 Portugal 2W M46 Wales 0Lyon
M50 07-Jul20:00W M47 Germany 0W M48 France 2Marseille
M51 10-Jul20:00W M49 Portugal 1W M50 France 0Stad de France

Table of results

UEFA EURO 2016 Results (Points Table)updated 10/07/2016
Group- APWDLFA+/-Pts
France ✯32104137
Switzerland ✯31202115
Group- BPWDLFA+/-Pts
Wales ✯32016336
England ✯31203215
Slovakia ✯31113304
Group- CPWDLFA+/-Pts
Germany ✯32103037
Poland ✯32102027
N/Ireland ✯31022203
Group- DPWDLFA+/-Pts
Croatia ✯32105327
Spain ✯32015236
Czech Republic301225-31
Group- EPWDLFA+/-Pts
Italy ✯32014136
Belgium ✯32014226
Republic of IrelandIreland ✯311124-24
Group- FPWDLFA+/-Pts
Hungary ✯31206425
Iceland ✯31204315
Portugal ✯30304403
✯ = Through to Round of 16
Third places through to Knock-outs:
3B Slovakia, 3E Ireland, 3F Portugal, 3C N/Ire. Third place Pairing
Knock-out Chart source: UEFA Euro-2016
Top five qualifing goals

Group E Ireland V Sweeden

Group E Ireland V Belgium

Group E Ireland V Italy